june wang.

email: me@juniper.wang

june wang's dating doc

if you are interested in dating me, getting to know me better, or know someone who you think i should meet, please reach out!

hello! here are some basics about me.

I was born in Shanghai, China, but moved to Maryland when I was very young. I grew up in Baltimore and I now live in New York City, in Manhattan.● I am 22 years old
● I am a transgender woman
● I am 5' 6 in height.
● I am monogamous
● I am attracted to men (cis or trans)
I graduated from Johns Hopkins, having studied Public Health. I am now a Law Student at Columbia University.I enjoy hiking, kayaking, camping, reading, sailing, going to the beach, long road trips, and trying new things.I am very very high on openness. I think I would like to try anything at least once, and enjoy new experiences. I am also very direct and candid, and I like to get straight to the point.I am an avid reader. I particularly enjoy reading long-form think pieces and journalism, but also am a big fan of fiction. I wish I had more time to read books outside of my academic requirements.I love to meet new people. I think I am pretty ambiverted, I certainly can enjoy a nice day in, but also don't mind going to clubs or parties.I pride myself on being self-reliant. I have always preferred to be able to support myself, and my biggest fear is becoming overly reliant.I would like to think that I am hard-working and dedicated.I think I am probably adjacent to the rationalist / EA communities but would love to learn more. I very much enjoy the intellectual conversations that have stemmed from my interactions with those folks.I am interested in technology and health policy, and have particularly been curious about AI governance.I think I am ambivalent about kids. Though I cannot have children on my own, I would be open to the idea of adoption or surrogacy.

possible pain points

● I am very dedicated to my studies, and to my work. Sometimes, this means that I am not as communicative as I might like to be, especially when things are busy.● I can sometimes be indecisive. I think I might take too long to really think through decisions, to a point where I miss out on opportunities.

here's what i'm looking for:

● Someone who likes thinking about the big picture. One of my favorite things is finding connections between disparate topics, and I would love to meet someone who feels similarly.● Someone who is local to New York (or the northeast). As a student, I am unfortunately unable to travel as much as I would like to, and I am not really the type of person who can do long-distance.● Someone who is monogamous. Unfortunately, this is kind of a dealbreaker for me. I have tried poly, but it just doesn't seem to fit with the type of person I am.● Someone who takes initiative and has a growth mindset.● Someone who is curious, passionate, and excited about everything the world has to offer.

if you're interested, please reach out!

You can add me on Discord:
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